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Chinese New Year Surprises!

IVNT team wishes you a happy Chinese New Year! For this biggest festival of China IVNT Club has prepared for you exciting surprises, don’t miss it!

This year we have two events with huge rewards waiting for you to take: « Chinese New Year Gift » promotion and « King of Deposit » competition.

The top ten winners of « King of Deposit » competition will be awarded "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner, which has an estimated annualized income of more than 50% of its cost. The total value of the awards are MORE THAN 20,000 USD, come join the club and grab these rare awards now!

Event period: 04/02/19 to 21/02/19 (GMT+7)

Time of Reward: February 28th 2019 (GMT+7)

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Chinese New Year Gift

All « Chinese New Year Gift » participants must be newly registered members of our IVNT Club. There are no other thresholds, the system will automatically issue 18 credits (worth 18 USD) to every new member.

banner King of Deposit

King of Deposit

Our users will be ranked by the system regarding the total amount of IVNT they deposit during the event’s period. The winners will be the ten users who deposit the most amount of IVNT.

The awards for « King of Deposit » event are the following :
  • The Champion : C10 Not-For-Sale Edition "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner x 1 (Worth 10,000 USD)
  • 2nd place : Q5 Limited Edition "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner x 1 (Worth 5,000 USD)
  • 3rd place : S1 "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner x 3 (Worth 3,000 USD)
  • 4th and 5th place : C1 "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner x 1 (Worth 1000 USD)
  • 6th to 10th place : S0 "MineGod" Quantum Cloud Miner x 1 (Worth 200 USD)

We would like to express to all our members our thanks for their trust and their support !

IVNT team hopes you will enjoy the festival!

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